Ogawa landscape design is located in Burnaby BC, Canada.

We undertakes garden design and construction projects over the whole of lower mainland. We accommodate any type of garden design style working in close cooperation with you to provide a design solution that fulfils your needs.

Humans are greatly influenced by their environment. The views and landscape that surrounds us, and our gardens all influence us in many ways.
Indeed, the power and ways in which gardens influence us are immense.
Gardens offer us peace of mind, and a broader and more relaxed perspective of life.

Furthermore, I believe that aesthetic sensitivity that is acquired through our environment influences the way we make decisions, the power of our imagination, and ultimately dictates the kind of person we each are.

Also, gardens are not only places of comfort, but very much a social environment.

It is a space not only to maintain a balanced peace of mind, but key to building human relationships.

I believe that I am a mediator who listens both to the voices of people and nature, who helps create a comforting and delightful garden space.

In Japan, there is a long tradition of gardening where the same craftsman will overlook the entire process from design to building and completing a garden.

The crafting skill and mind of traditional gardening has been inherited to us over the generations.

In Japan, we have a long history of close co-existence with nature. We have understood and have taken advantage of each unique characteristic that nature has to offer -roots, branches, leaves, bark, earth, flowers, water, stones, the sun, the people – just to mention a few.

Canada is blessed with its beautiful and magnificent nature, and an understanding and appreciation towards art.

Furthermore, Canada is a multi-cultural society with people who share different backgrounds and values, which helps bring out and encourage new ideas.

By using and incorporating what I have learned in both Japan and Canada, it will be my utmost pleasure if I can help build the best garden space for each and everyone.






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